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Ultimate conversion guide 2 of 10: About Us Page

Every second, millions of people are making decisions online – about whether to subscribe, enquire, start a trial, download, call or buy. These decisions can be quick and instinctive reactions, or lengthy and complex processes involving multiple interactions with a particular brand. Regardless, a core part of your arsenal as a marketer is to create an About Us page for your website that fills your prospects with confidence that YOU are the business they should be working with.

Your brand story is what people can personally connect to. How a person can fundamentally relate to a start-up, larger business or a corporation. It’s the commonality or human thread between individual and entity. What was the starting point of this business, and why was it created? Where was the need in the market or where was the market under-served? What makes you special, and why? In the end people want to buy from brands they trust, and just simply identify with.

Brand DNA

Before beginning to build this narrative, it’s vital to firstly establish the true DNA of your brand:

1. What are you bringing to the table? Why do you exist, and what value do you bring to the market? Authenticity is important for this – be real.

2. How do you want to be perceived? Pioneering? Disruptive? Trustworthy? A trendsetter?

3. How do you make your customers feel? People buy from brands that make them feel a certain way, so clarity in this is paramount. “The internet in your pocket” (to promote Apple’s first iPhone); “Live in your world, play in ours” (PlayStation 2); “Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness” (Lululemon); “When there is no tomorrow” (Fed Ex); and “Sheer driving pleasure” (BMW) are all inspiring slogans that create a clear, consistent message unifying your broader marcoms strategy.

Odd Pears is a disruptive sock company selling three socks that interchangeably match – they have a great brand story here that’s designed to get a prospect warming to the concept and the business quickly.

Odd Pears About Us

Commonwealth Bank is another great example of a business with a clear brand strategy. They’ve bucked the trend of boring banks and developed a multi-layered (history, strategy, people, awards), emotive and uplifting message that enables people to reach their personal goals.

CBA About Us

Unique Selling Points

Unless you’re doing something extremely obscure or niche, it’s generally a pretty crowded marketplace. In today’s hyper-connected, consumer-driven world people need a reason to buy into your brand. So, why you?

After particularly challenging client briefings, I used to ask my account managers one important question that would determine whether or not they could successfully run the relationship and build a winning content marketing strategy:

“How does your client differ from their main competitor who does the exact same thing?”

This was the ultimate litmus. If they couldn’t answer that question, they had to go back and get re-briefed. If you don’t know your USPs (or your client’s USPs), you have no foundation on which to build your marketing message.

The About Us page is your space to brag. Does your industry experience drown the competition? Are you so innovative and agile that you leave your competitors eating dust? Are you the most complete, all-encompassing solution? Are you faster, more creative, or more sophisticated than anything else out there? Are you a specialist in your field / industry? Is your culture remarkable? How are you different?

Social Proof

In an increasingly savvy (and often skeptical) online audience (particularly in B2B), people want to hear what your customers are saying about you. What is your industry reputation and what are you known for? Client testimonials and case studies can be very powerful validation tools, as well as listing your top clients.

Awards, endorsements and peer recognition all further serve to boost your brand credibility and can sometimes help you punch above your weight.

Social analytics dashboarder SumAll (“Do what you love, better”) may not have the profile of Hootsuite, but the owners have put a lot of work into their About Us page to help you get to know and trust them.

Sumall About Us


Different media can form a much deeper and more lasting impression than text alone. Think about a video showing what your business does, and animated videos to make the complex seem more simple. Could photos of your team(s) bring your talent to life for prospects?

Dynamo About Us

Create the glue

Depending on your industry, customers may interact with your brand several times before making a purchasing decision, so you need to provide every avenue of engagement with your business. List all your useful contact information. Display all your social media icons. Offer a newsletter sign-up so you can keep in touch.

First impressions are precious, so be sure to invest in building the right kind.

Next up! One of the topics nearest my heart: the aesthetic kingdom of digital, and how to make your website a beautiful destination to explore.

We’d love to hear your feedback, successes and lessons in the comments below!

By Esther Tankhilevich

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