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Understanding different ‘digital consumers’

Establishing a strong connection with your customers is essential, with new research from GroupM Next, Compete and Kantar company finding that almost half (48 per cent) of all purchases are heavily influenced by digital media and advertising.

The research groups examined more than 168,000 purchases of consumer electronics, where the consumer used digital media in at least one step. The goal of this was to find where consumers go online to make their purchases, and why they go there.

As a result of the study, six types of digital consumer journeys emerged, finding the most common types of modern digital shoppers.

The largest percentage (29 per cent) of digitally engaged shoppers were identified as 'basic digital consumers'. This group is comfortable with internet shopping and research, but not mobile or social, doing all their search on laptops and desktops.

The second most common digital consumer (22 per cent) were the 'retail scouts' who preferred to use retail sites to brand sites, and also employed the use of mobile, though it was twice as likely to be used at home.

Following closely behind were 'brand scouts' (20 per cent) who preferred a brand rather than a certain retailer. Around 72 per cent said they start their consumer journey with a brand in mind.

The other types of digital consumers were calculated shoppers (11 per cent), who make use of a wide range of tools and are willing to take the time to secure the best deal.

External shoppers (2 per cent) are non-mobile shoppers who use social tools and have no urgency to make a purchase.

The 'digitally driven segment' (16 per cent) who used every digital tool at their disposal, including search, retail and brand sites, mobile, social, local and portal.

Compete adds that this group is expected to be the dominant segment of consumers within the next five years – so make sure to keep on top of your content and social media strategy!

Posted by April Revake.