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Updates galore: Time to enhance your Twitter campaigns

The developers at Twitter have been very busy lately, launching a round of iPhone and Android updates, enhancing the Twitter experience for iPad users and adding a new header photo function – all announced just this week!

In a series of posts published on the Twitter blog yesterday (September 18), the social media platform revealed these new developments, starting with the launch of the header photo function.

The new function is similar to Facebook's cover photo option, where people can place a header picture at the top of their Twitter profile.

The post from Twitter product manager Sachin Agarwal said that the new profiles will make your presence on Twitter "more meaningful".

These header photos are an opportunity to "express yourself instantly, anywhere" and can help to boost your Twitter campaigns.

If your company is pushing a particular product or service for the month, utilise the header photo to promote it so that it's the first thing people see when they come across your page.

It's a great addition that can help to get your social media strategy going, and is your one big shot to immediately draw in your audience's attention.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has already used the header photo to include a picture of himself with the new Idol judges – which could help in the promotion of the upcoming season.

A new version of Twitter for iPhone and Android is also now available, meaning that you can upload images straight from your mobile to feature as your header photo.

The new profile design will be reflected on your phone, tablet and computer simultaneously.

Photo streams for profiles also display the images people have shared on Twitter.

"Whenever you see a photo stream, swipe left or right through the thumbnails or tap to view photos in fullscreen mode. Android users can also get closer to photos with pinch-to-zoom," posted Jaikumar Ramanat of Twitter mobile engineering.

The experience of Twitter on your iPad has also been improved, where you can make new discoveries by tapping into a "stream of useful and entertaining information" personalised for your use.

You can view which Tweets and accounts are followed by your friends, read stories that are popular within your network and find interesting new accounts to follow.

Posted by April Revake.