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Utilise Twitter to tap into mobile audiences

Mobile is playing a "massive role" in driving real-time usage of social platforms according to a recent report from GlobalWebIndex.

The Stream Social Q1 2013 report revealed that the number of people accessing the internet from their mobile phone increased by 60.3 per cent since Q1 2011.

"It is clear that both the social platforms and the marketers that use them to engage consumers will need to adopt a mobile first strategy in future," Brett Petersen of GlobalWebIndex posted on April 26.

Emphasising Twitter's role in your company's social media strategy can help you to meet this rise in the mobile audience.

In a question and answer session with Twitter, Deep Focus agency chief executive officer Ian Schafer, noted that brands can really wrap themselves within the conversation on Twitter rather than just around it.

Mr Schafer said that this really didn't exist on any other platform, when asked what he saw as the biggest opportunity for mobile advertisers right now.

"No other platform captures the moment quite like Twitter does. Other platforms may capture a zeitgeist but Twitter is literally about what people are interested in right now," Mr Schafer said in a May 7 blog post.

"Things change and time is just as much a part of contextual relevance as everything else we’ve classically considered like demographics and psychographics. Time is a variable."

He added that time was a very important variable, but it was one that people weren't equipped to deal with because they couldn't publish that way.

"But now we can so the sky's the limit," Mr Schafer said.

Twitter has a disproportionately large relative impact, Mr Schafer said, as both a communications medium and an ad platform.

You don't have to start big, he notes. You can start small with the potential of your Twitter campaigns getting big quickly or taking a slow burn route.

Posted by April Revake.