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Utilising Facebook advertising features

Having a Facebook advertising strategy in place for businesses is a no-brainer, as it's possible to "find and reach your audience with precision" in a platform that attracts around 955 million monthly users.

Facebook has become embedded in the daily routine of many, with some checking their news feed at breakfast, during a commute to work on their tablets and smartphones, and even before going to bed.

The goal in having Facebook ads is to create engaging content that will draw in your target audience, and in order to do this it's important to keep up with updates and changes to Facebook so that you can ensure your company is getting the best out of its social media strategy.

Facebook has several advertising features, highlighted by an infographic by digital and direct marketing agency BKV, which include promoted and page posts, marketplace ads, premium ads and sponsored stories.

Promoted and page posts aid in pushing content posted on your company's Facebook page, through a text, photo, video, event or website link that can help to keep current fans engaged and also attract new users to your content.

Marketplace ads can be used to acquire new users through using standard advertisements (to drive users to your website), advertising a 'like' for your Facebook page or promoting an upcoming event.

If you are looking for a higher reach, then a premium ad is the feature that you will want to utilise. This promotes the ad to "100 per cent share of voice on the homepage" and is particularly used for high impact targeting.

Sponsored stories can be used in many forms including a page like, event RSVP, an app shared, a location check in or a question answered and specifically targets fans and friends of fans.

Make sure to utilise these advertising features in your content strategy, to ensure that you are making the most Facebook and are reaching your audience wherever they may be.

Posted by April Revake.