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VIDEO: 5 reasons why video is a content marketer’s best friend

If you’re not thinking about investing in video-based content marketing, you’re living in the past.

Video is projected to make up 81 per cent of all internet traffic by 2021, according to Cisco. YouTube alone is a content powerhouse – it has over 1 billion users, who watch approximately 1 billion hours of videos each day.

Watch our short video below to discover our favourite reasons why video and content marketing go together like sunscreen and sensitive skin. Next, read on to find quick tips on how to use video in your content strategy.

Quick tips for using video in your content strategy

Considering Syndacast found that using the word ‘video’ in newsletter subject lines increases open rates by nearly a fifth, the best place to start is there. When you are making videos, don’t just display them on your blog or social feeds, get them out in your emails, too.

But what content should you put in video format? Product videos work well – Animoto discovered that people prefer watching videos about products over reading about them.

You could also package interesting information – stats, important messages, stories – in a short video format. Like our example above, these are quick ways to get across a cool point, and they sit well on social media.

Finally, ask your followers to share your content to spread the word about how awesome it is!

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