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Video advertising ‘to increase in 2013’

An increase in online video advertising and the massive take up of tablets in 2013 are all predictions by research company Frost & Sullivan.

Video advertising online is expected to grow by 50 per cent next year and it's thought that this will siphon off much of the expenditure of traditional mediums such as radio, television and print.

Senior research manager Phil Harpur said that a content marketing strategy will be much more video based because of the effectiveness of this medium.

He observed: "Advertisers in 2013 will be attracted by the greater targetability, personalisation of ads, reach to non and light TV viewers, and interactivity that online ad-serving platform solutions offer over conventional advertising channels."

The firm also forecast a growth in video advertising spending in the online medium from $88 million in 2012 to $442 million in 2017. Such a method of marketing is expected to outshine all others including advertorials, banner ads, sponsorships and e-newsletters.

Mr Harpur also said that the popularity of videos is very apparent among young people. Their survey of 1,000 Australian consumers found that 94 per cent of people aged between 15 and 17 watched a TV program and/or movie on their computer.

He added: "YouTube is evolving to be a platform or hub for companies to host their own channels, and enabling sites such as Vevo and Machinima to rapidly gain global audiences, especially among the 13 to 34-year-old demographic."

Tablets will also have a greater presence in the digital media arena in 2013, according to Frost & Sullivan, and ownership of such devices will continue – although the take up has been slower than smartphones.

Their survey found that 55 per cent of tablet owners found there was a marked decline in how much they used their desktop or laptop.