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VIDEO: Australia’s obsession with mobile apps


Sometimes it takes a while for the latest technology to reach Australia, which makes sense, being on the other side of the world from technology hubs such as San Francisco's Silicon Valley.

But Australians in general have been incredibly quick to adopt smartphone and tablet devices.

There are around 14 million smartphone and 11 million tablet users in Australia, well over half of the nation’s population, according to a recent study by IAB Australia and Nielsen

But what is it that Australians find so appealing about mobile devices?

The study suggests it's mobile apps.

After surveying over 1,500 Australians about their mobile habits, it was revealed that Australians spend an average of 18 hours per month on smartphone apps, and 15 hours a month on tablet apps.

Compare this to the time they spend browsing, which averages out to be around four hours per month for smartphones, and seven hours a month for tablets.

Social media apps are by far the most popular apps with Australian mobile users, but news and gaming apps are also popular.