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Video content works best with Millennials

Online videos have become a useful content marketing tool for brands wanting to capture the attention of online consumers – as well as show off some of their own expert knowledge.

Although online videos work well with a wide range of consumers, video content is far more effective with Millennials.

The latest report by comScore has found that Millennials, otherwise known as Generation Y, spend 48 per cent more time watching videos than the average internet user.

The reason behind this is thought to be because of the rise in smartphone use. As a result, many younger consumers are watching online videos over mobile phones in a number of locations.

In fact, the study said the mobile market has been the driving force behind the increase in video viewership over the past three years.

YouTube is by far the most popular video hub. According to the study, YouTube reaches 84 percent of the 85 million people consuming videos each day.

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing site, with over 12 million unique average viewers, according to Frank Media.

Posting videos onto YouTube is free and not only helps brands to reach younger consumers, it also helps with search rankings.

It seems many Australian brands have video content on their to-do list this year. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 62 per cent of Aussie businesses consider video content to be an effective form of marketing.

Brands that can design content strategy with videos that are both engaging and helpful should garner a strong following with Millennials.

Posted by Dylan Brown