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Video converts better than other forms of content

Video content – otherwise known as the ‘future of content marketing’ – is really starting to take off.

Why all the hype?

Because everyone wants it. Online consumers have developed a keen interest for video content, especially on social networking sites.

In July alone, over 13 million Australians watched videos on YouTube, according to Frank Media, and that’s just on one site.

Video has the ability to share information with consumers quickly and effectively, hence why brands are giving it more attention than ever before.

A new study by Vidyard asked 235 marketers for their thoughts on video content – 95 per cent of whom agreed video is becoming increasingly important.

The study found video has a higher conversion rate than other forms of content, according to 71 per cent of respondents, while a further 86 per cent reported positive engagement rates.

Not only does it help engage consumers, it also attracts them to your site, with 69 per cent agreeing video is an effective way of gathering new leads.

The respondents also said the effectiveness of video content is becoming easier to prove, with 48 per cent reporting an increase in ROI, while only 1 per cent reporting a decrease.

The study found 32 per cent are producing between 11 and 50 videos a year, and 17 per cent claimed their organisation is publishing more than 50 videos per year.

However, the majority (51 per cent) are producing less than 10 a year.

Australian businesses are also getting in on the video buzz, with 71 per cent creating online content, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Video has developed into a powerful content marketing tool, and will no doubt continue to grow in importance in the nearby future.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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