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VIDEO: Could Pinterest be the next Google Maps?

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Pinterest is home to endless photos of cupcakes, wedding dresses and high-heeled shoes, but the site has bigger plans than just being a place to pin your favourite fashion pics.

The social networking site also wants to help its users get around. At the end of last year Pinterest introduced Place Pins – a tool that allows users to pin places on the map along with a thumbnail photo of the destination.

The tool comes in handy for pinning shops you've been meaning to visit, or adding iconic locations to your bucket list.

The feature has become incredibly popular over the past six months or so, with more than a billion Place Pins in use and over 4 million Place Boards created.

Now Pinterest has updated the feature so that users can be more specific in their location scouting, as well as making the feature compatible for mobile users.

If this feature continues to grow in popularity, we could be looking at a brand new ways to shop online.