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Is social media stressing you out? [VIDEO]

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Social media has been given a lot of flack lately for increasing people’s stress levels.

As much as we love Facebook and Twitter, admittedly the theory makes sense judging by the number of depressing news stories that circulate through these sites, not to mention the sappy Valentine’s Day status updates.

However, a recent study by Pew Research found no connection between frequent social media use and an increase in stress levels.

In fact, when it comes to female users, the researchers found the exact opposite was true.

In general, women reported experiencing more stress than men, but women who were highly active on social media reported significantly lower levels of stress.

However, for people who are under a lot of pressure, the study found social media and technology in general can escalate stress levels, especially when they’re exposed to stressful events.

So staying active on social media can be a good for your wellbeing, or at least not harmful, but perhaps this acts as a good reminder to stay off Facebook while you’re at work.