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VIDEO: Facebook launches location specific ads for local businesses


Facebook has come up with a new feature to help drive sales for its small business advertisers. The social networking site has a new feature they've called 'local awareness ads'. The tool allows businesses to advertise to Facebook users when they’re within a close proximity to their store.

According to Facebook, this advertising tool is more cost-effective than their usual advertising products, as it only targets people who are in the neighbourhood. Advertisers have the ability to select how far out from their store they want to target, and in turn Facebook predicts how many people they will likely reach. The tool also lets advertisers specify other details such as age and gender.

This new feature is said to be not only beneficial for local businesses, but also for consumers, giving them more relevant ads when they’re using Facebook.

Location-specific ads will be available in the US within the next few weeks, and will roll out globally over the next few months.