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VIDEO: Google+ finally allows fake profile names

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Ever since Google+ was created back in 2011, the social networking site has had a strict stance against fake profile names, even going so far as banning people if they provided a fake name.

Now, three years later, Google is not only allowing users to have fake profile names, it’s apologising for not doing so sooner, according to a recent Google+ announcement.

By preventing users from creating accounts with fake names, Google+ was attempting to create a cleaner, community-orientated social platform, or according to some theorists, keep tabs on it’s users.

Google’s tough stance on the issue was apparent last year when YouTube users were forced to create a Google+ profile if they wanted to comment on videos.

So what’s the reasoning behind this sudden change of heart?

Has Google+ decided that they were being unreasonable, or are they hoping that this more relaxed approach will drive a bit more interest?