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VIDEO: Google has a new feature connecting people with medical professionals


Medical professionals often complain that Google is responsible for making their lives much harder.

Gone are the days when patients trusted their judgement. Instead, people now routinely go to the doctor armed with their own diagnosis after researching their symptoms online.

And while there is no shortage of information on everything from common ailments to the most obscure tropical illness, availability is not the same as reliability.

In an effort to address this problem, Google is testing a new service that could help users get the answers they’re looking for.

According to Engadget, the new feature will not only detail the symptoms and possible diagnoses, it will also have a link called “Talk with a doctor now”, connecting people with a health professional through a live video chat.

The service will be free during the trial period, but is expected to incur some costs for the user if it proves effective.

This feature will be run through Google Helpouts, a live video streaming feature already in motion that connects people with all different types of professionals.