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Google Now provides more relevant answers than Siri [VIDEO]


If you're fed up with Siri's incorrect answers and sarcastic quips, you're not alone. Apple’s virtual executive assistant is constantly making it into the headlines for her outrageous, and often incomprehensible answers.

The American Automobile Association and Apple partnered up to modify Siri to send text messages and post on social media while driving to see if it was safe. But despite their efforts, Siri was still found to be incredibly distracting for drivers. So, if you’ve lost patience with Siri, what about Google Now? That’s Google’s alternative to Siri, which lets you use voice commands to search the web or search your phone.

According to a recent study by Stone Temple Consulting, Google Now is the best virtual executive assistant for providing more relevant and complete answers, preferable to competitors including Siri. The study analysed over 3,000 search queries on all three, and Google Now answered over 90 percent of queries correctly and in full. However, the researchers chose queries they knew would trigger a response, so the results are slightly skewed.

Despite this, Google Now clearly has the advantage because of its close connection with Google's Knowledge Graph and other Google tools.