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How content creation and social media work hand-in-hand [VIDEO]

The digital landscape has changed significantly over the past decade.

Brands are having to build a presence on a growing number of channels to reach out to an increasingly fragmented target audience.

But those brands that can create content that cuts through the noise in search or social media can get unprecedented access to – and engagement with – customers and potential customers.

A recent study by Marin Software looked at paid advertising campaigns for both search and social media and found the two campaigns are more effective together than on their own.

The study found paid search campaigns that are managed alongside social campaigns collect 26 per cent more revenue per click than those without.

Advertisers also have a 68 per cent higher revenue per conversion when their search and social advertising campaigns are run together, according to the study.

Although this study only looked at paid advertising campaigns, it does clearly show that search and social media work best when integrated together.