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Less than half of marketers monitor call conversions [VIDEO]


While many website owners obsess about form fills, trial requests and other on-site conversions, it’s important we don’t forget about good old-fashioned phone calls.

But it seems a lot of people are doing just that. A recent study by Invoca revealed over half of search marketers aren’t monitoring inboud calls they receive from their search campaigns.

The study found that 63 per cent of the 132 search marketers interviewed said they consider phone calls to be a valuable conversion.

Despite this, only 36 per cent are currently using click-to-call ads or including call extensions in their ads so they track the activity.

Failing to monitor call conversion rates will not only cause lead attribution problems, it could also result in your business missing out on new customers.

With the large proportion of smartphone users browsing the internet, all of which obviously have the ability to call your business right then and there, failing to have your phone number in search campaigns could mean you’re missing out.

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