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VIDEO: Marketers cooling on Facebook’s effectiveness

Content Marketing Survey May 2014

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Facebook has always been the go-to site for social media marketing, giving brands of all different shapes and sizes the opportunity to connect with a massive audience.

However, recently the world’s largest social networking site has made it harder for brands to reach consumers organically, and as a result, many marketers are beginning to question Facebook's overall effectiveness.

A recent report by the Social Media Examiner surveyed around 2,800 marketers, and found 94 per cent are currently using Facebook.

But while many marketers are still avid supporters of the popular social platform, the majority of survey respondents admitted they had doubts about Facebook's usefulness.

In the survey, 37 per cent of marketers said they were uncertain as to whether their efforts on Facebook were effective or not.

And if Facebook continues to limit marketers’ organic reach, perhaps we will soon see brands shifting their attention elsewhere.