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Mobile paid search ‘to overtake desktop by the end of 2015’ [VIDEO]

With the rapid rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile marketing has become a hot topic of conversation.

Although there is no denying the impact smartphone and tablets are having on consumers, the majority of users still aren’t making purchases on these devices.

But a recent study by Marin Software has suggested this could be about to change.

The study predicted mobile devices will make up 50 per cent of Google paid search clicks by the end of 2015.

Currently, paid search ads are mostly clicked on by desktop users, but the study found that conversion rates on paid search ads with smartphone and tablet users is steadily increasing.

The study also anticipated that as advertisers and consumers continue to invest in mobile devices, mobile could soon become the primary channel of search.

Not only are users becoming more reliant on their smartphone and tablet devices, but the number of consumers using them to make transactions continues to grow.