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VIDEO: Twitter changes its ads when it rains

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It's amazing what Twitter can pick up on just by looking at tweets. By analysing particular keywords from its millions of micro updates, Twitter can detect most major events, from the start of the World Cup to a Katy Perry concert.

Now Twitter has the technology to adjust its advertisements to the weather.

The popular micro-blogging site has recently partnered with The Weather Company, a meteorological service that provides weather-based data for third-party sites, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Although this concept is not new, Twitter is the first social networking site to buy into the idea.

This could work out to be a smart move on Twitter's behalf. Not only will it make advertisements more personalised and relevant to Twitter users, it could also attract more advertisers to the site.

So the next time you notice it's pouring down outside, don't be surprised if you see ads for winter jackets or gumboots popping up.