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Visual content the best way to attract Twitter users [VIDEO]

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Social media marketing can be tedious work. You could spend hours coming up with an engaging and thought-provoking post, only to be outshined by a cat meme.

Which raises the question – what is the best way to capture the attention of social media users?

Twitter recently revealed that photos have a significant impact on clicks and retweets.

The popular microblogging site compared tweets with hashtags, links, photos, videos, and posts containing numbers or digits and measured their levels of engagement.

Posts that included photos were 35 per cent more likely to be retweeted, followed closely by posts with videos, at 28 per cent. Hashtags were the least likely to spark a retweet, giving posts a boost of only 16 per cent.

Although engaging social media users is far more complicated than just measuring retweets, this study does show that visual content is a great way to capture interest.