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The number of people browsing the internet on smartphone and tablet devices is growing rapidly in Australia and abroad.

Currently, smartphone users make up 23 per cent of all organic traffic, according to findings in the recent 2014 BrightEdge Mobile Report, and this is estimated to reach 50 per cent over the next year.

In order to reach these consumers, brands need to ensure their sites are compatible with mobile devices.

However, the BrightEdge study found that over a quarter of all mobile sites aren't suitable for smartphone searches, subsequently leading to a 68 per cent decrease in potential smartphone traffic.

Responsive design is the simplest way to reconfigure your website for mobile users, as the website stays the same but the content is resized to suit each device.

Creating new content specifically for mobile users, or creating a new website altogether, is still very effective, but these designs are far more likely to create errors.