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Videos on Facebook to start playing automatically

Posting videos onto Facebook is a great way for brands to interact with their consumers and keep them engaged. Now that Facebook has launched a new feature where videos start playing automatically, the video-watching experience has become even easier.

The new feature will come into effect over the next few weeks. Videos will play silently at first, and if the user taps on the screen it will play in sound and in full screen. If users don't want to watch the videos, they can simply keep scrolling down.

At this stage, the feature only includes videos from individuals, musicians and bands, but Facebook is looking at the different opportunities this could bring for businesses involved with social media marketing.

Currently there are two ways to post videos onto Facebook. Users can upload videos from a computer, or post a link from YouTube. Videos uploaded directly onto Facebook receive a 40 per cent higher interaction rate than those from YouTube, according to a study conducted earlier this year by Social Bakers.

This new feature is a smart move on Facebook's part, as users are far more likely to click on a video that's playing than on a link that leads them to a different website, or takes a long time to load. This function will also benefit mobile users, as following video links on a mobile can be time-consuming.

The number of mobile users active on social media has risen significantly over the past few years. Recent statistics released from Facebook's Investor Relations page revealed that the number of active mobile users on Facebook in the US has reached 78 per cent.

It is important to consider what is most convenient for users when planning a Facebook campaign.

Posted by Dylan Brown