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Vine goes private – introducing video messaging

There has been a surge in popularity of photo and video sharing mobile apps over the past few years, significantly altering the social media landscape. As a result, social networking giants have been fighting one another for the coveted attention of smartphone consumers.

This drift of attention towards smartphone devices means brands are forced to come up with new content marketing strategies to target these users.

The latest change has come from the popular video-sharing app Vine, which has created a new messaging service.

Now, users can send six second videos to people on their contact list – even to those without the Vine app.

The idea of sending a six second video may seem slightly pointless, especially from a social media marketing perspective. However, the appeal to consumers is that, whether the video is engaging or annoying, it only lasts for six seconds.

Vine stated a demand for private video messaging was noticed a long time ago, so the company set out to fill the gap.

Unfortunately for Vine, other mobile apps such as Snapchat have already dominated this field.

Snapchat allows users to send brief photo and video messages which are automatically deleted straight after they’ve been seen.

Snapchat has become especially popular in Australia, with more than 1 million active Australian users, according to Frank Media.

The Vine app, however, allows users to edit posts before they’re sent, so users can fit in as many cuts as they want over the duration of the clip.

Vine also allows users to save videos and rewatch them, while Snapchat does not. While this may end up being an advantage for Vine, it’s arguable Snapchat’s spontaneous nature is what makes it appealing.

Vine was acquired by the microblogging site Twitter back in 2012 for a speculated 30 million dollars.

Therefore, Vine is in direct opposition not only with the independently operated Snapchat, but also with Facebook and all her offspring – such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

Vine is already being used by many brands for content marketing, but this new feature may make the popular social networking app even more effective.

Posted by Dylan Brown