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We are all waiting patiently for Google Drive

In an ironic twist, Google News is abuzz with rumours that the search giant is going to release a cloud storage system in April called Google Drive.

Om Malik of technology website GigaOM said that he had been offered a tip by a source that suggested we may only have to wait a few more weeks to be introduced to the new system.

"I am told the big day is sometime during the first week of April 2012," he wrote on March 27.

"A spokesperson sent me the boilerplate – we don't comment on rumours or speculation."

Malik also reported that Google was only going to offer 1GB of free storage.

Regardless of whether or not the reports are true, this information has triggered a response from tech-enthusiasts, bloggers and journalists around the world.

David Angotti wrote that the Search Engine Journal "has been covering rumours related to the long-awaited Google Drive since 2006."

Venture Beat's Sean Ludwig added that "a screenshot of Drive leaked out in mid-February and not surprisingly, the service looks almost exactly the same as Google Docs."

Twitter users are also putting in their two cents.

"It doesn't make a whole helluva lot of sense for Google Drive to offer 1GB when my Gmail has 7GB. If that's it then I'm sticking with Box," tweeted @kentology.

By "Box" he is presumably referring to cloud storage system Dropbox which offers 2GB of complimentary space to its users.

No one from Google has officially responded to these claims.

It looks like the search giant has enough on its plate at the moment, between privacy policy changes and its upcoming annual developer's conference Google I/O.

According to a Google+ post by the company's senior vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra, the conference sold out in "just a bit over 20 minutes!"

If only an exciting post about Drive would surface – in the meantime, it looks like we all have to keep waiting patiently. 

Posted by Jess O'Connor