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What are the best times to post on social media?

There's one question that many marketers ask themselves when they've got their images, facts and links ready to go – when is the best time for me to post on my social media pages?

The time you post on your pages can greatly influence the reach of your Facebook or Twitter campaigns, and if you upload your content at the wrong time your message is likely not to have much of an impact with your core audience.

A new infographic from Fannit has revealed the best – and worst – times to post on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

To get the best out of your Facebook campaigns, posting between 6-8am on weekdays is a good time, as well as between 2-5pm.

The weekend was pointed out as a bad time to post on Facebook, as well as the time between 10pm-4am.

Make sure to check Facebook Insights to find the best times to engage with your particular target audience.

If Twitter is a vital part of your social media strategy then you may be surprised to find the weekend as the best time to post content.

According to Fannit, engagement on Twitter goes up 30 per cent on weekends compared to weekdays, with 1-3pm the ideal time to update your Twitter feed.

Asking for retweets is also a good idea, as Fannit reveals you are "far more likely" to be retweeted. Adding two hashtags to each tweet is also a good practice for Twitter.

Pinterest is a great social platform to drive traffic back to your website so if this is part of your online marketing strategy, Saturday morning between 2-4pm and 8-11pm is the best time to upload your content.

Posted by April Revake.