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What are the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords?

Companies that want to get the best out of their content marketing strategy often employ Google AdWords to help get word of their product out.

This online advertising tool works with your business displaying ads on Google and its advertising network, with your company only paying when people click on your ads.

You have the freedom of creating your ads and choosing the keywords you want to use, with these phrases related to your business.

When people search Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. This means your ads get seen by your target audience.

From here, people can simply click on your ad to learn more about your business or make a purchase.

Google has hit it big with online advertising, with the company making $33.3 billion last year, 97 per cent of which came from online ads.

A new infographic from reveals that a majority (70 per cent) of this revenue was from Google AdWords.

The infographic also identified the most expensive keywords per click, with law and financial services taking the top share.

'Insurance' was the most expensive keyword per click ($54.31), followed by 'mortgage' ($47.12), 'attorney' ($47.07), 'loans' ($44.28) and 'credit' ($36.06).

Other keywords rounding out the top ten are 'lawyer', 'donate', 'degree', 'hosting' and 'claim'. says that over 80 per cent of searches worldwide occur on Google, so taking advantage of the AdWords tool may be something that your company needs to help improve your content strategy.

Research from Bunnyfoot may also prompt you further to make use of Google AdWords, with the company finding that a majority of customers (81 out of 100) clicked on Google AdWords rather than the natural search results.

Just over 40 per cent of those tested didn't know that the AdWords were paid-for adverts.

Posted by April Revake.