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What Australians Google at the weekend

The need for fresh content has never been more apparent, as Google research has found that Australians are some of the most prolific mobile searchers in the world.

From using tablets and phones for social media to shopping queries, it's apparent that we've adapted to using the web for many pursuits – reinforcing the need to have search-friendly content.

Weekend habits vary when it comes to online searches, with morning searches peaking at 9am on both days as users look for weather and news information – the 21st century equivalent to reading the weekend papers.

Mobile banking is also conducted on the weekend, predominantly on Saturday at around 10am while travel searches are also quite prominent, with 63 per cent of tablet owners searching that subject.

Mid-afternoon queries feature many sports searches – as Australian teams take part in games across the country.

For all shopping searches, 40 per cent occur on a smartphone or tablet which may be because 74 per cent of smartphone owners don't leave home without one.

Around 6pm, searches for local restaurants and recipes spike – this would be attributed to people trying to decide how to proceed with dinner plans.

One third of all queries relate to location information.

Later on Saturday night – around 10pm – social media activity peaks, while similar activity on Sunday occurs earlier at 8pm, which could be explained by users being eager to get to bed sooner due to work on Monday.

Given that 31 per cent of all Australians are predicted to own a tablet by early 2013, it's clear that businesses need to develop a content marketing strategy that creates more options for people who are accessing search engines while on the move.

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Posted by Tim Wright