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What do consumers think of sponsored posts?

Social media has recently taken on a crucial role in content marketing, with many Australian businesses running Facebook and Twitter campaigns to attract the attention of online consumers.

In Australia, social media is the most popular form of online content, with all different types of businesses trying to establish an online presence. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 96 per cent of Australian businesses are producing online content, and 81 per cent of of which are doing so through social media.

One of the main principles behind a successful content strategy should be for brands to provide consumers with useful and engaging information, which subsequently leads them back to their site.

However, a large proportion of businesses are choosing to invest in sponsored posts or paid advertisements. The concept is tempting, with the promise of a high click through rate, brand exposure and very little effort involved on behalf of the advertiser.
Consumers are far more likely to respond to a post from a brand they are following. A recent study by Adobe surveyed 8,750 consumers across seven different countries, including Australia, to get their opinion on online advertising.

The Adobe report found that 68 per cent of Australians use social media. Over half of these social media users have liked something on behalf of a brand or product, and 40 per cent said they have followed a brand to receive a special offer.

Social media users are also more likely to purchase something from a brand they are following. Recent research by Vision Critical have revealed that around 40 per cent of social media users have purchased an item after they have shared or favourited it on a social networking site.

Brands should centre their social media campaigns around their consumers and build up a relationship with them. It is not an overnight process and takes time and effort, but the results are definitely worthwhile.

Posted by Dylan Brown