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What do your Facebook likes say about you?

The pages a person likes on Facebook can offer more of an insight into their personality than many of us realise – or so research suggests.

Experts based at the University of Cambridge in the UK discovered that everything from political opinion to race can be determined from the pages an individual clicks on.

So what value does this have for any company running Facebook campaigns?

Being able gain an insight into the demographic you are managing to target can be invaluable – imagine being able to gain data on every person who is interacting with your brand!

OK, so it might be some time off before you have all the information imaginable on your Facebook audience, but we reckon this research could prove pretty useful for the time being.

Not only this, firms with a strong social media strategy could use these findings to contact customers through personalised marketing messages, therefore increasing the likelihood of success.

The researchers, who published their findings in the journal PNAS, found some obscure pairings as they began to look more closely at the habits of Facebook users.

For example, people who liked curly fries tended to have higher intelligence, while those who liked the latest Batman film, Dark Knight, generally had fewer Facebook friends.

As with any content strategy, being able to gather information and put it to good use is essential – as companies analyse activity on their Facebook pages, they need to know how to utilise the data.

The experts recognised that it is all too easy for Facebook users to be seduced by the like button, meaning that any irrelevant content you post is likely to be an immediate turn-off for consumers.

Being relevant to your audience is essential, so play to your strengths and you can't go far wrong!

Posted by Emma Furze