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What if you could predict tweet popularity?

Imagine if you had a tool that, when every time you sent out a tweet, you could predict just how popular it is likely to be.

Well three university researchers from the US believe they have done just that – introducing Twouija.

OK, so the name might not exactly roll off the tongue, but if this tool really works it could revolutionise Twitter campaigns across the world.

As Mashable explains, the formula doesn't look at the content of the tweet, but rather the behaviour of the people who are likely to read it – and how likely it is they will retweet it to their own followers.

The success of a tweet mainly lies with how long it stays relevant among users for, explained assistant professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management in an interview with the website.

"I can't tell you what kind of tweet is going to be big, but I can tell you the minutes of which one [tweet] is going to be big," he admitted, adding that this is the case no matter how many followers a person might have.

For demonstration purposes, the tweet of a famous basketball player was compared with that of a relatively unknown blogger.

Within the ten minutes after the tweet was sent, the two received largely the same fraction of retweets by their followers – after this period, the number of retweets tails off significantly.

This has obvious benefits to anyone running Twitter campaigns – knowing when users are most active on the social networking site can help marketers know when is best to send out their messages.

Not only this, engagement with the site may improve as people find that the content they are reading is more relevant to their individual needs.

Twitter also recently announced that it was trialling a system to offer better ads, so users are in line for an improved all-round experience!

Posted by Emma Furze