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What makes a good hashtag?

Hashtag is a major buzzword in the world of social media marketing at the moment, especially as Facebook announced last week that they would officially be making an appearance on the site.

Marketers who might not be familiar with hashtags may be left wondering what exactly it is that separates good hashtags from the not-so-good, so we've put together some guidelines to help you on your way.

Ignoring hashtags is no longer an option for any business hoping to make an impact online, so getting to grips with them is essential to the success of Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

1. Keep it simple

Twitter in particular is about using as few a words as possible – and this is an ethos that should be carried over to hashtags.

Think about how you can put together a hashtag succinctly, while still making it obvious exactly what it refers to. Abbreviations and acronyms tend to work well for longer names.

2. Be memorable

People are unlikely to spend ages trying to find out what the 'official' hashtag is they should use when commenting on a particular event or topic, so make sure whatever you choose is memorable.

Popular TV shows often display what hashtag they want people to refer to, so you can always use this as inspiration for your own campaigns.

3. Uniqueness is key

Ambiguous hashtags are not going to help you a great deal, so try to come up with something that stands out from the crowd.

Avoid using everyday words and sayings that social media users are going to share irrespective of your campaign, as this will make analysing its success all the more difficult.

4. Don't be afraid to promote

Once you have chosen your hashtag, make sure people know about it! After all, there is little point in spending all this time putting together the perfect hashtag, only for it to go unused.

Posted by Emma Furze