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What makes a great infographic?

Last week, Econsultancy's Danny Ashton published a great article about the value of infographics and their place in an overall SEO content strategy. (If you haven't yet read it, click on the link – he makes some great points!)

Of course at Castleford Media, we're quite fond of infographics too – and if you are curious to find out more about what we think makes good infographics great, read on.

Excellent research

All the colour, fonts and style in the world won't save your infographic if it doesn't contain interesting, relevant, well-researched and unique content. The right data forms the foundation of the story you want your infographic to tell.

This data can come from a variety of sources. The best, of course, is from your very own surveys and research – but looking to leading industry bodies to back up your stats with broader facts and figures is also a smart move. Of course, you can always turn to a content agency like Castleford to do the legwork for you – our team has top-notch research skills and can help you find information that backs up the message you want to convey.

Tell a story

The best infographics are the ones that tell a story or answer a question. Why aren't more people buying life insurance? How exactly can solar panels cut down on your electricity bills? Are people shopping in stores or online – and how does the data differ from five years ago?

When you can use your data effectively to tell an engaging story or spread an important message, you will have built an infographic that is perfect for sharing.

Share the knowledge

It's not enough just to create an infographic, post it on your site and leave it – you'll need to get people talking about it if you want to spread your message. Tweet it, share it on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, blog about it – you name it! The more you can get your infographic out there, the more likely it is that people will see it.

Posted by Kaitlyn Critchley