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What makes consumers click on ads?

Regularly producing quality content automatically positions your brand as an industry leader, while also building consumer trust, respect and loyalty.

However, even if your content is so good it makes Hemingway look like a trashy celebrity blogger, it is all in vain if no one’s there to read it.

Investing in sponsored advertising campaigns can be a great way to draw in some fresh traffic.

But before you start cutting in to your company’s precious marketing budget, remember, ad campaigns require a firm grasp of your target audience.

Four out of five consumers want sponsored ads customised to their nearby area, according to Google, so relevancy is clearly a must-have.

A new study by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Edelman Berland surveyed online news readers in the US about their attitudes towards sponsored ads.

Unsurprisingly, relevancy is the top metric that determines the likelihood of someone clicking on the ad, with 90 per cent of the news users saying it was the most important factor to them.

However, the study found that the brand’s reputation is also an important factor, with 81 per cent of respondents saying brand familiarity and trust is a must-have.

It also pays to be seen as an industry leader. As many as 82 per cent of readers say they are more likely to click on an ad because of the brand’s industry expertise.

You should also be mindful of who you’re advertising with. The study revealed that if a news site has a good reputation, the consumer automatically trusts the sponsored content on that site 33 per cent more.

Consumers also prefer the art of storytelling, as opposed to product advertisements – 60 per cent of news readers say they are far more likely to click on an ad if it is telling an engaging story.

But of course, sponsored ads are designed to serve one purpose – to draw people to click through to your site. Once those web users are there, however, it is entirely up to the content on your website to win them over.

Six in 10 consumers feel more comfortable about branded content, according to the Custom Content Council, while a further 70 per cent of consumers prefer getting to know a company through reading their articles rather than through paid ads.

Therefore, investing in sponsored ads is a great way to draw in more consumers to your site, while regularly producing industry news and having a company blog helps to earn their trust.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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