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What should you include in your company blog?

So, you've made the decision to start up a company blog – great! The next question is, what should you include in it?

Corporate blogging has been around for some time and while some companies are great at it, others haven't really caught the gist of what is expected of them.

There are several components that make up a great company blog – remember that the aim is for your readers to return time and time again, so ensure they are always engaged.

Decide what your blog is for

The first step when setting up a blog is to determine what function it will serve – are you hoping to target people in your specific industry or the wider public?

This will help you decide on the nature of the content you are posting and give your blog a better structure.

Give your blog a voice

A blog is about connecting your brand with the wider public, so it can't do you any harm to create a clear voice when putting your content together.

It might be that you decide to create regular characters that post content online, each with their own distinct tone or opinion.

This can help readers to feel familiar with your blog and hopefully make plenty of return visits.

Make sharing easy

Another essential element of any blog is making it easy for content to be shared – providing links to your social media pages can be a great way of achieving this.

The easier it is for posts to go viral, the more likely that the situation will arise, so don't leave readers fumbling around pages trying to find out where they can post to the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Give people the option of being able to comment on posts as well, as this can also help improve engagement.

Posted by Emma Furze