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What steps have you taken to preserve your ‘digital self’?

These days it is pretty much the norm to live a digital life alongside your actual existence – whether you log into Facebook to tell friends what you've been up to, or store photos on Instagram, these are all ways of creating and preserving memories.

New research suggests that people are keener than ever to make sure they have a record of their digital life, with many of them using cloud servers in order to achieve this.

Findings from Forrester Research show that in the US, 77 per cent of online adults use these technologies to store personal files, including contacts, photos, music and videos.

Not only does this provide a place where they can easily access all their data, but it also has added benefits, as explained by the group's Frank Gillett.

He commented: "Providers do things like automatically uploading your digital photos, synchronising your contacts everywhere, and automatically assembling your expense report from photos, scans, or emails of receipts.

"Or even advising you on the right financial strategy or workout times based on your spending logs and work calendar."

As people begin to play out more of their lives online, there is a growing need for marketers to tap into this trend and make the most of consumers' desire for all things digital.

It is understandable why the digital domain is so enticing – it can speed up the most mundane of everyday tasks, which is undoubtedly appealing for such a time-poor generation.

Marketers can capitalise on this by offering original content that will appeal to its target audience, giving people a reliable source of information they can return to time and time again.

It also appears that people are becoming more willing to share personal data if it offers better service in return, which can prove invaluable for any marketing strategy.

Posted by Emma Furze