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What the technology industry can teach you about content marketing

There are lots of different components involved in content marketing these days. Needless to say, if businesses want to have a strong online presence, they need to have a good understanding of how digital technology works.

You might naturally assume the technology industry as a whole is up to date with the latest trends in online marketing. However, a recent study has shown otherwise.

The Content Marketing Institute released a report looking at how B2B digital technology businesses feel about content marketing.

The report found only 39 per cent of all B2B technology marketers believe they are effective at content marketing. Although this is 3 per cent more than all B2B businesses, it is definitely not what you would expect.

In many ways, a content strategy is an indicator of a business’s commitment towards content marketing. But the study found only 46 per cent of the B2B technology businesses have a documented strategy in place, compared to 44 per cent of all B2B businesses.

However, there are some specific areas that these tech companies are excelling in, such as case studies and video content.

The study indicated that case studies have become a key component of many B2B technology businesses marketing campaigns. The results found 86 per cent are using case studies, and 66 per cent believe this is an effective form of content marketing.

Videos are also in high demand, with 86 per cent of B2B technology businesses creating online videos. The report suggests that videos have become important part of their overall strategy, as 68 per cent of these businesses believe video content is useful.

The study found webinars are highly-favoured in the B2B technology industry.

Although these B2B technology businesses are on a similar level with other B2Bs, their use of powerful tools such as case studies, video content, and webinars, gives them a step ahead of other industries.

Posted by Dylan Brown