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What to expect from Google’s I/O Conference

The first day of the anticipated Google I/O Conference begins today (May 15) in San Francisco, with some of the biggest tech heads gathering together to discuss and explore the latest 'web, mobile and social breakthroughs'.

The kickoff event will introduce Google's latest platform and product innovations, with last year's conference unveiling the world's first quad-core 7-inch tablet, the Nexus 7, Project Glass, Google Plus hangout apps and Android's Jelly Bean (4.1).

Mashable's Pete Pachal posted in a blog that we can expect to find out more about Google Glass, the rumoured Android Game Centre, an Android update, possibly new hardware, and another rumored program, chat service Babel.

With the rise of social media, mobile-centric services and video streaming, Gartner in an interview said that Google is no longer in the "sole centre" of the internet experience.

Gartner's research vice president Carolina Milanesi said that in regards to this, Google is somewhat of a "mixed bag" in these areas.

"We have a very successful offering in YouTube on the one hand and the somewhat lukewarm reception to Google+ on the other," Mrs Milanesi said in a May 13 press release.

"Overall, Google is still trying to 'get' mobile, and it is not alone in that. Other Internet success stories, such as Facebook, are struggling with the move to mobile. This is not so much with delivering a solution, but more importantly with being able to monetize and hook users onto such a solution."

Mobile has become a big part of the internet experience today, with numerous surveys and reports indicating that more people are increasingly connecting up from their portable devices.

One of the main reasons for this is its ability to go online from any place at anytime.

When structuring your social media strategy make sure to keep this in mind, ensuring that your business website and Twitter and Facebook campaigns are optimised for mobile!

Posted by April Revake.