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What will the Windows 8 app mean for your Twitter campaigns?

There's good news for any company running Twitter campaigns, as the site reveals that a new app for Windows 8 devices is now ready to download.

Aside from the usual features you will come to have expect from a Twitter app – such as the home, connect, discover and me tabs – new functionality has been included to make the most of Windows 8 features.

For example, viewing photos via the social networking site will be made easier thanks to the landscape view feature – scroll through multiple pictures or look at larger versions of individual snaps.

One feature that could play a role in upcoming social media strategies is the all-new share charm, which enables users to tweet from any app, at any time.

All they have to do is swipe from the right edge of their Windows 8 device and choose the charm to share the content they are viewing.

This means that news articles, photos, blog posts and a host of other content can be shared with greater ease, maximising the exposure of your brand.

Snap view gives Twitter users the chance to run another app at the same time, so they can stay connected with their followers as they watch a video or read a news story.

It also expected to make content sharing that little bit easier – the fact that people no longer have to log into their account separately to tweet is likely to encourage greater use of the site.

This is in addition to the new live tiles and notifications feature, which means that Windows 8 users can always have their eye on what is happening on their feed.

No matter which app they are running, Twitter will always be there in the background offering the latest updates – ideal for social media marketing as your tweets can reach their audience as soon as possible!

Posted by Emma Furze