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What you need to know about Facebook Home

Last week's announcement of the new Facebook Home feature may not have shocked the technology world, but it has led to some questions over its usefulness.

What exactly is Facebook Home and how will it influence the way users interact with the site and the successfulness of Facebook campaigns?

Here is a guide of what you need to know about the latest addition to the Facebook repertoire.

Who can use Facebook Home?

The feature is designed to be used on Android handsets and replaces the existing home screen with one that is dedicated to all things Facebook, allowing people to use the most popular features of the site.

The app can be installed for free and will only be available on a few Android models for the time being until it is rolled out further over the coming months.

So it's not a Facebook phone?

Many experts have been eagerly anticipating the launch of a Facebook phone – but this isn't it.

The app will work on existing Android handsets, so you'll have to wait a little bit longer for a fully-fledged Facebook phone!

What are the main features?

Users can expect all the functionality of their usual Facebook account, but this particular app has a focus on messaging.

The Chatheads feature has been developed, which means that when you receive a message either via Facebook or SMS, an icon will appear with a photo of the sender, along with a summary of the message.

These can be opened on the main home screen or swiped away to be read at a later stage.

What about my other apps?

Although Facebook no doubt hopes that it will become the centre of people's mobile universe, there is still the opportunity to access any other apps you may have installed.

The app launcher allows you to customise your favourite apps into their own areas of your smartphone.

Posted by Emma Furze