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Who are the Castleford Cods? Q&A with Senior Content Strategist, Alistair Rathbone

Our team of talented Content Strategists are busy helping our clients improve their websites and social media with quality content. But luckily Alistair Rathbone was able to spare a few minutes to take part in our latest staff Q&A. Read on to learn how smaller companies can punch above their weight in search, what to look out for when you rebuild your website and why everyone is talking about the Castleford Cods.

What do you like most about working at Castleford?

Variety. As a Content Strategist I am faced with new challenges every day, whether it be setting up an email newsletter or working with our video team in the US to create an animated video. Not only does it keep things fresh and interesting, it has given me a huge range of skills which I can use throughout my career.

What’s the trickiest subject matter you’ve had to tackle?

I’ve dealt with some unbelievably niche product offerings, including a company that makes millions each year from designing tiny technical components for huge warships!! When the subject matter is so specific and technical it can be difficult to a) create truly interesting and engaging content; and b) build an effective strategy. But it’s exactly these challenges where we can really add value. In the end, I always find an angle that works 😉

What would be your dream account to manage?

I would love to work with a company in the entertainment industry, whether it be a film company or a music label. The possibilities for exciting content would be endless and it would intertwine the two big passions in life: Music and Content Marketing.

You work with a lot of small businesses. Why should smaller companies invest in content?

A lot of smaller companies tend to look at content marketing as something only “the big boys” do, but I think as a small business, your number one unique selling point is the close relationships you can form with your clients. Content is a great way to leverage this advantage and spread the love to an even wider audience. Also, with the latest updates to the Google algorithm, having quality, relevant content has never been more important when climbing up those search rankings. I have seen some of my local smaller clients really stick it to their big brand competitors this year, and they are seeing incredible results as a consequence.

You’ve worked on a number of website rebuilds this year. What’s the biggest mistake companies make with their websites?

User experience is so important, and having a messy website is a sure fire turn-off for any potential customers. In an age where time is more valuable than ever, it is so important to make sure your website is easy to navigate and easy on the eye. Use iconography, lots of white space and simple, prominent calls-to-action so that the most important areas of your website really ‘pop’.

Who’s the go-to person in account management when you need help with your client strategies?

From my early days at Castleford, it has always been Castleford veteran (and Senior Account Director) Martin Cowton who has been my go-to guy for anything strategy-related. Having now transferred to the ‘dark side’ of sales, Martin no longer has an active role in creating client strategies, but he still acts as a Yoda-like beacon of wisdom for our new young team of Content Marketers!! That’s TWO Star Wars references for those playing at home.

You were instrumental in setting up the Castleford Oztag team. How’s it been going?

Just like the Mighty Ducks, Seabiscuit and Cinderella Man, the tale of the Castleford Cods has been memorable to say the least. A team of rag tag nobodies who started at the bottom, the Cods have defied all the odds to race to the top of the ladder mid way through the season. It’s early days yet, but the whispers in the streets of Sydney are getting louder… ‘Just who are the Castleford Cods?’ Only one thing is for sure, The Cods are here to win.

What would you be doing if you weren’t working in content marketing?

I have a strong passion and involvement in the Aussie music scene, and I work with a few up and coming artists outside of my time with Castleford. It isn’t a hugely financially-rewarding practise at the grass roots level, but it means I get to really immerse myself in my passion and see how it all works on the other side of the glitz and glamour. If I wasn’t at Castleford I would most likely be slogging my way through the mailroom at a record label trying to sweet talk my way to the top. Either that, or I’d get my astronaut’s license and whip off to into space.