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Who likes Facebook more: Men or Women?

In the content marketing world, it is often said that women are from Pinterest and men are from Google+, but when it comes to the gender-neutral Facebook, it’s much harder to determine which sex likes the social networking site the most.

In recent years Facebook has taken on a major role in our modern-day internet culture, with over 1 billion users from all different demographics, locations and genders sharing updates and photos on the platform.

Although both men and women have shown an interest in Facebook, recent statistics suggest women may appreciate the site more.

A study by Pew Research Centre took an in-depth look into the numerous reasons why men and women use the site.

The study found that 54 per cent of women enjoy seeing photos and videos on their News Feeds, compared to 39 per cent of men.

Women also enjoy being able to share with lots of people at once, with 50 per cent of the female interviewees citing that as a major reason they use the site, as opposed to 42 per cent of men.

Entertaining or funny posts where also a popular feature, with 43 per cent of women saying they really enjoy humorous posts, compared to only 35 per cent of men.

The Facebook features men and women appreciate equally is receiving updates or comments, both at 39 per cent, as well as keeping up with news and current events at 31 per cent.

Looking at the overall statistics, however, both genders have a strong interest in seeing and sharing photos and videos with their friends.

It is clear that social media users are becoming more interested in visual content as of late, with photo-based mobile apps such as Instagram and Snapchat growing rapidly in popularity.

Therefore, it is important to understand your target audience and why they are looking for on Facebook, and design your social media marketing campaigns to attract this audience.

Posted by Dylan Brown