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Why businesses use a social media content strategy

A number of businesses are investing in a social media content strategy – and you may be wondering why they are before you join the party.

Well a survey by Gartner has found that the majority of businesses surveyed invested because they were looking to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

Respondents also said they want to improve interactive relationships with their customers – that may include correspondence between a manager and a patron or might involve a consumer partaking in an online quiz to win a prize.

Other reasons for social media marketing include enhancing brand awareness or buyer preference, increasing the organisation's revenue through new products and customers or sharing information and ideas with customers, suppliers and partners.

Research director with Gartner Adam Sarner said businesses will need to develop their approach once they have made inroads into the social media marketing world.

He commented: "While investments and growth in social marketing is assured during the next two years, the ultimate success of social will depend on how well marketers can accelerate through the inevitable social expectation bust and make social marketing projects more than just 'engagement' objectives and then actually tie social activities to clear and measurable business objectives."

Sarner said businesses looking into social media are also keen to see what sort of return there will be on their investment. As it is hard to correlate between social media success such as Facebook "likes" and business benefits such as revenue – media companies that can provide concrete proof of success will reap the rewards.

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