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Why content strategy should be at the heart of your site re-design

A number of well-regarded SEO blogs have devoted posts to making the case for SEO during and not after site rebuilds.

They argue, quite rightly, that SEO should be at the heart of a website’s design, layout and strategy. Retro-fitting SEO is often more difficult, more disruptive and inevitably requires some compromises when it comes to functionality.

Content strategy is no different. If you’re planning to rebuild or redesign a website, content needs to be a part of that process from the outset and not an afterthought. Nor should it be seen as a separate issue that can only be tackled once the sparkling new site is up and running.

Content is the building blocks of your site. Your reference material, landing pages and blog posts are not the soft furnishings – they are the bricks and mortar.

If you’re thinking about developing a new site or giving your existing online real estate a significant makeover, settle on your content strategy and your on-page SEO while you’re still at the planning stage.

While the wireframes are being built, decide what type of evergreen content your new site will need to rank for your target keywords, retain visitors and boost your conversions and produce a schedule for creating it.

Think about how you will incorporate some dynamic content like a blog or news feed and where it will sit in the site structure.

Turning to content only when the design and layout decisions have been made and the development team has moved on to something else will make life a lot harder and will make it less likely that you’ll get everything you want and need from your new site.

Say, for example, your content strategy involves a significant Twitter element. You may have a hard time securing space on your new homepage for a box to aggregate your tweets if the design work has been signed off and implemented before you get around to thinking about social media.

Your content strategy and on your on-page SEO will play a significant role in the success or otherwise of your website. Treat them as core elements from day one and your redesign will be much more likely to pay dividends in the long-run.