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Why develop a content marketing strategy?

When looking at what a content marketing strategy can do for your website, it’s important to consider what the term actually means.

Millions of people around the world are currently looking at content on the internet right now and an online content marketing strategy is the perfect way to tap into that potential audience. And as more and more people turn to online information, it’s important that companies have the appropriate tools to take advantage of that.

Content enthusiast Kristina Halvorson said: “Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.”

She talks about how it defines key themes and messages, recommended topics, content purpose (i.e., how content will bridge the space between audience needs and business requirements) in addition to content gap analysis, metadata frameworks and related content attributes.

It’s also important to think about who your target audience is – tailoring specific, original content to meet that demographic will only improve your standing.

Think about the three Rs of the 21st century: Re-purpose – Recycle – Reuse. In order to reduce costs of producing original content, it’s possible to use a multitude of sources to create fresh content. And small businesses can benefit from this through a well-priced, unique content marketing strategy.

Your strategy should also be looking to utilise multiple channels of communication given that users are often multitasking. By being everywhere at once, you’re giving your content the best chance of being consumed.

Make your New Year’s resolution to produce a content marketing strategy and talk to us at Castleford Media about how we can tailor such a plan for your business.