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Why Facebook is a turnoff for teens

Facebook may appear to have conquered the world of social networking, but one outspoken teen has shed light on why his age group is less-than-impressed by what the site has to offer.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he points out that kids are excited about being able to set up a Facebook page because of the age restriction on the site – but soon feel disappointed.

In a blog post for Mashable, he explained that Facebook has lost the attention of a generation, which could prove interesting reading for anyone running Facebook campaigns.

He continued: "When I was ten, I wasn't old enough to have a Facebook. But a magical thing called Instagram had just come out … and our parents had no idea there was an age limit. Rapidly, all my friends got Instagrams."

One of the main problems with Facebook is that nobody in the 13-year-old's demographic has a profile any more – as the child pointed out, the site is useless without friends!

Teenagers are keen to follow the latest trends, which is why the likes of Vine and Snapchat have gained their attention. Pardon the cliche, but for teens, Facebook is just 'so yesterday'.

On Facebook, there are just so many pitfalls that teenagers can face – the boy said that photos posted on the site could get him into trouble, while the social network is used as a channel for bullying by some students.

Facebook may have been through various guises over recent years – the rollout of the new timeline feature, the introduction of a chat facility – but none of these changes appeal to teens.

The site is accused of trying too hard by the blogger and as he rightly points out, "Facebook needs teens, because we'll be the people keeping it going very soon".

Posted by Emma Furze