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Why FIFA is a content marketers dream

With the FIFA World Cup 2014 just around the corner, football fans are waiting anxiously to see their favourite teams battle it out for the top spot.

As with any major event on an international scale, there is enormous potential here for brands conducting conducting content marketing to connect with fans.

Although it may not feel like it was that long ago, social media has developed a lot since the last World cup in 2010.

Facebook now has well over a billion users all over the world, almost half of who state their allegiance to football on social media.

To showcase it’s suitability for marketing, Facebook released a short study with some interesting stats about football fans.

According to the study, there are 48.9 million soccer enthusiasts in the US alone, most of who are between the 18 and 35 years old, with an almost identical male-female split.

The study also revealed Facebook users interested in the sport are far more active than others. Football fans post 1.7 times more photos and 1.8 times more videos than the average user, as well as sending more messages and writing more comments.

So when game-time comes around, many of these fans will take to Facebook to express their thoughts on the match.

The limits of marketing towards these FIFA fans is hardly confined to Facebook.

To demonstrate the enormous marketing potential at stake, Nike’s “Winner Stays” advertisement received almost 50 million views on YouTube last month alone.

Therefore, jumping on the FIFA bandwagon will give your brand opportunity to connect with consumers, which is ultimately what the whole point of having a content strategy is about.

Posted by Dylan Brown