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Why have a blog on a company website?

We're seeing more and more Australian firms venture into the world of social media and building their presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

As you begin to establish your firm's online presence, you'll want to consider the various avenues you have to engage your audience and communicate your message.

While social networking is an integral part of creating a dialogue with your existing customers and attracting new ones into your circle, it's also important for you to bear in mind the value of a blog.

Blogs are attractive for a number of reasons – they are inexpensive to create, relatively straightforward to maintain and can really help to set you apart from the competition.

Regularly-updated fresh content is a fantastic way to help naturally boost your site's Google rankings, particularly when your posts contain well-selected keywords to help you climb up the search engine results pages.

This content can take a number of different forms – you can choose to post about exciting developments about your company, share relevant news across your sector or even promote upcoming sales or events.

You can even combine these approaches and share your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook to create maximum exposure.

News can be a hugely powerful source of so-called 'Google juice' and you are likely to find that a unique, original content strategy is richly rewarded by search engines.