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Why Instagram Stories Will Generate You More Revenue

Why Instagram Stories Will Generate You More Revenue

Since Instagram Stories first launched in late 2016, it has steadily grown to its current 500 million daily active users. Today, more than 50% of business accounts have used the feature in the last month, and a third of the top-performing content is produced by businesses.

So what is it about this feature that’s attracting so much interest from businesses? And are the results worth what?

Here are the key reasons why savvy marketers are including Instagram Stories in their social media marketing strategies. Keep reading to discover Instagram Stories best practices that you can include when building your first ad.

1. Improved Attention Span

There’s no doubt that Instagram Stories offer a lot of perks that other social channels and features lack. First and foremost, the full-screen vertical specs mean that your business can be front and centre, minus the distractions. They capture attention better than mid-feed or sidebar ads that are always competing for your viewer’s gaze. Plus, with added easy-to-use video editing tools, you can direct attention your way.

Unlike mid-feed ads which often feel ‘salesy’, Instagram Stories ads seamlessly integrate with users’ content, meaning you’re able to connect with a primed, engaged and open consumer.

2. Better Messaging Opportunities

Secondly, around 60% of Stories are played with the sound on. This is a stark contrast to Facebook ads, more than half of which are played with sound off. This simple truth offers businesses a whole other sense to play with when designing their creative content strategy.

3. More Authentic Communication

Did you know that, according to a Facebook IQ international study, 47% of users are drawn to Stories because of the feature’s perceived increased authenticity? This means that brands who harness this channel as a way to invite consumers to peek behind their corporate curtain can see huge spikes in brand connection metrics.

4. Increased Sense of Urgency

Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours. But instead of being seen as a negative, users appreciate this constant revolving door of content, with 44% actually saying they use the feature for this reason. For brands, it opens new doors in the way of time-sensitive offers and discounts for a highly engaged audience. It also means that developing constantly fresh content for Instagram Stories is more than an afterthought; it’s a significant element of your social media marketing.

5. Tailored Ad Objectives 

Once upon a time, Instagram Stories were only designed to increase reach. Today, reach is just one of six possible ad types that you can choose from, depending on your objectives. Many brands instead want conversions, with their CTA being a simple swipe-up action to click through to a product/landing page.

6. Accurate Insights and Tracking

Like all good ad channels, Instagram Stories offers a wealth of analytics data to show you exactly how your ads are performing. Make sure your ads are generating the revenue or actions that you expected, and track adjustments and experimentation over time—because creativity without conversion won’t help your business. So while you might get started by using tried and tested Instagram Stories best practices, over time you will get to know what works specifically for your brand, products, and audiences.

How To Run Instagram Story Ads

Time to get started with Stories? It’s easy to create your first ad and introduce the channel to your social media marketing. While there’s no blueprint for what makes a good ad, and trial and error plays a key role in refining your content over time, there are some Instagram Stories best practices to keep in mind.

In fact, Facebook IQ offers a great piece on how to run Instagram Story ads with their top five creative considerations for higher-performing content:

  • Be relevant to your audience
  • All ads have to be under 15 seconds, but the shorter the better
  • Make your ad ‘scenes’ shorter, so that your ad has a faster overall pace
  • Ads that show product demos perform extremely well
  • Make your ads optimised for mobile and for Instagram Stories specifically, and get to the point instantly

Instagram Story ads cost as much as you want to invest. While the initial investment will be slightly higher than the same CPM impressions for Facebook ads, the click-through conversions are much higher for Instagram. Video is actually one of the more affordable ways to build brands, so rest assured that however much your Instagram Story ads cost, they are an extremely cost-effective marketing platform.

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Michael Bird is CEO and Co-Founder of digital marketing agency Social Garden. Social Garden specialises in data-driven lead generation and marketing automation to grow companies’ revenue in different verticals in Australia.